Open Exhibition Submission & Selection

How it Works



The artist application process guides the artist through the complete process, gathering personal details and providing the artist with a unique username and password enabling them to login to their own personalised home page.

After selecting an exhibition they are asked how many entries they would like to enter and then asked to make a secure payment via the integrated Stripe payment gateway. Details of the successful transaction are automatically returned to the system. Artists are then able to upload up to 6 images of each artwork entry and add general details about each work, editing as they go and finally confirming their application.

Logging in after the selection process will notify each artist if they have been preselected, if so they will be able to printout a full application form and labels to bring to the gallery with their work before the exhibition.

  • Secure login
  • Personalised homepage
  • View calls to artists
  • Pay entry fee
  • Add artwork details
  • Upload artwork images
  • Edit at any time before entry close date
  • Pay for additional entries
  • Check details and edit at any time
  • Confirm when complete
  • Print out application for reference.
If Preselected
  • View what next information
  • Print out ‘preselected’ application details
  • Print out labels
  • Deliver artwork for final selection
If Final Selected
  • View what next information


Up to 20 independent selectors can be given secure access to the system enabling them to view all the artwork entries from the comfort of their own home or office.

Stage 1 selection.

With options to view by artist, artwork or thumbnail each selector can simply choose ‘Yes’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘No’ buttons to make their choices, these then provide a score for each artwork. Each selectors ‘score’ is then added to provide a total for each artwork.

Stage 2 selection.

Administrators can then view the artworks based on a variable ‘cut off’ score which limits the number of entries to be considered for final selection. This process can be used during an internal meeting of the selectors or just as an administrative process.

After the administrator has confirmed the stage 1 preselected artworks, artists are invited to bring their work to the gallery for hanging or final selection.


  • Secure login set up by administrator
View Artwork
  • View by artist
  • View by artwork
  • View by thumbnail
  • See additional info for each artwork
  • Links to Vimeo and YouTube for video work
  • Simple Yes, No or Maybe selection buttons for each artwork
  • Filter artworks to ease process
  • Selection statistics to keep tabs on progress
  • Re visit at any time before selection deadline
  • Let the admin know when you are done.


The exhibition organisers are provided with all the tools needed to manage the system throughout the application and selection process.

You set up your own Stripe account allowing you to accept payments direct from the artists (

Users can be added to set up secure access for selectors and administrators.

Exhibitions and Calls to Artists can be setup adding detailed entry information such as general details, key dates, entry pricing and concessions. You can also set various optional features such as allowing artists to enter an artwork description, biography, a link to video on YouTube or Video or add information about editions.

Messaging is an important part of the OESS and the administration suite provides a series of standard messages which can all be edited to suit your needs. These messages are what the artist will see at various stages throughout the entry, submission and selection process. Each is dependent on whether artists have been selected or not and provide the ‘What Next?’ information artists need to be able to bring their artwork to the gallery for final hanging.

All data can be exported as Excel Documents providing the ideal way to coordinate your own internal gallery administrative procedures.

OESS Setup
  • Dedicated URL
  • Help and support throughout from your dedicated OESS account manager.
Add Your Call
  • Simply enter an exhibition title.
  • The system provides default information ready for editing
  • Edit general details such as entry deadline, acceptable media and selection deadlines and add a graphic or jpg flyer.
Set Key Dates
  • Entry deadline
  • Selection announcement
  • Hand in dates.
  • Preview date
  • Open to public dates and times
  • etc.
Set Entry Pricing
  • Standard entry
  • Fixed price
  • Max entries
  • Up to X,Y or Z price options
  • Age concessions
  • Membership concessions
  • Student concessions
Set Entry Options
  • Enable collaborations
  • Enable descriptions
  • Enable URLs
  • Enable editions
  • Enable artist statement
  • Enable NFS (not for sale)
  • Use PDF print out
  • Use PDF labels
Set Selection Options
  • Use Yes, No or Maybe system
  • Allow selectors to see artist names.
  • Allow administrators to see artist names.
Edit Entry Requirements
  • Edit our own default details or add your own
Control Artist Messaging
  • Identify your relevant message requirements
  • Set ‘Selection in Progress’ message
  • Set ‘Selection Completed’ message
  • Set preselection messages
  • Set final selection messages
  • Set not hung message
Artist Support
  • OESS technical support direct to the artist
  • Search for artist
  • Provide live support by using the ‘Login as Artist’ function
  • View selection scores
  • Confirm selections
  • Set final selection
  • Set Hung or not hung
  • Set artwork filters
  • View all entry data, formatted or not formatted
  • View Preselected artworks only, formatted or not formatted
  • View Final selected artworks only, formatted or not formatted
  • Financial Reports, view application data only, formatted or not formatted
  • Export reports as Excel

The OESS is hosted and managed by Interactive Technology Ltd.

Managing the OESS and OLIST for artists, art galleries and arts intitutions in the UK and abroad.
OESS : ©Interactive Technology 2020

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